VKraft Software Services

Use Case – Migration from
legacy to next generation Integration

Business Challenge

  • Integrations were written in legacy application more than 15 years ago, no support for the tool from vendor
  • As this is written in long back, data models used are so complex and standards used are not up to date
  • Tracking, Trackability of any transactions is limited
  • Any changes required cant be developed as tool requires old browser and IDE is also not updated

Solution Provided

  • Suggested to use Apache Camel k which is nextgen and lightweight integration tool and can run on K8s platform
  • Scheduling uses AirFlow as Client wants all scheduling to be tracked separately.
  • Kibana used for logging and tracing purpose – dashboards & alerts are created on Kibana
  • Apache kafka is used for messaging purpose

Business Benefit

  • Significantly expanded IT’s ability to support customer transactions digitally
  • Significantly reduced the costing as Apache Camel K is open source
  • Automated back-office processes associated with services, as we moved towards nextgen technology
  • 100% uptime with Auto Scaling feature of Camel K