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The Spark enables the conversion of business logic from Excel to code while delivering API connectivity to drive usability in applications.

Operational executives can manage the entire Excel estate to mitigate risk and pinpoint areas for process automation and optimization.

IT architects can externalize key calculations from any system of record to enable an agile microservices based architecture.

What is the Excel estate?

The Excel estate is every relevant workbook across any business enterprise.

Converting business logic to microservices.

Financial services firms depend on operational processes embedded with business logic and user controls that reside in Excel.

Commonly called End-User Computing (EUC) or User-Developed Applications (UDA), these applications influence vital business decisions.

Without proper governance and controls, user-created tools introduce operational risk and are costly to integrate across the IT landscape.

The Coherent Platform reduces operational risk and by delivering easy API integrations in a cloud-native control framework.

Insurance policy rating as a microservice.

Converting business logic to microservices means insurance carriers can decouple raters from monolithic applications and deliver the data to any system via API.

Carriers can easily automate the development and deployment of personalized insurance products using your current continuous integration continuous delivery (CICD) toolsets.

Insights into API Calls, Usage, and Run Time

Delivering business logic via API in a secure, cloud-native control framework with proactive monitoring of the entire Excel estate is just the beginning.

Insights across the estate unlocks the immense potential of your Excel assets.

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