VKraft Software Services

Transformation of the
Classic System to Cloud Using weMethods

Business Challenge

  • Migrate all operating countries’ systems and apps to the Microsoft® Azure® cloud
  • Integrate geographically distinct mobile apps into central customer offerings
  • Manage processes for claims, agency onboarding and underwriting

Solution Provided

  • Robust and secure backbone to integrate and sync data with its different legacy back-end applications using webMethods Integration Server, API Gateway, API Portal
  • Implemented ARIS, a business process management solution to build flexibility and resilience into its future business and to take a safe and healthy journey to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Business Benefit

  • Significantly expanded IT’s ability to support customer transactions digitally
  • Improved efficiency, services, productivity: Over 90% of all new cases submitted digitally, with 62% underwritten automatically
    Automated back-office process
    es associated with services
  • Better user experience with over 80% of customer interactions now digital